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  1. Will it Cost Me Anything to Become an Independent Contractor?
  2. How Do I Become an Independent Contractor?
  3. How Do I Get Paid?
  4. Do I Have to do All the Work Myself?
  5. What are the Benefits for the Doctor?
  6. What is the Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?
  7. What About Advertising?
  8. Are There Other Services We Can Offer?
  9. How do I charge for my services?
  10. What About Training?
  11. What Do I Get for My Investment?
  12. Is This Something I Can Do From Home?
  13. Can This Be A Part Time Position?
  14. How Do I Receive Information Required to do the Billing?
  15. Do I have to Go to Medical Billing School to Do This?

Will it Cost Me Anything to Become an Independent Contractor ?

We have purchased a licensee to provide services through ABS and want you to benefit from the resources available. There is a one time tax deductible charge of $50 for setup of your account on our system. After that there is a monthly charge of $50. This charge will stop with the first client you enroll. You will be responsible for any advertising or marketing materials you wish to use. These expenses are not required, however, we have a large selection of marketing materials including brochures and CD's should you choose to use them. Any marketing or promotion you choose to do is also at your expense. Click here to go to our secure site to pay the initial setup fee. Accept the certificate.

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How Do I Become an Independent Contractor?

The first step in becoming and Independent Contractor is download, read, sign and return to Corporate Support Services the CSS Sales Rep Agreement document. Once this document has been received by us we will review sign and return a copy to you. Once we have received the setup fee and after you have received our signed agreement will you be authorized to be an Independent Contractor. Click here to download the CSS Sales Rep Agreement document.

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How Do I Get Paid?

You will receive monthly payments for Doctors you sign up plus monthly payments for each claim you process or have processed. Click here for the commission structure.

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Do I Have to do All the Work Myself?

No, we hope you will have enrolled enough doctors or hospitals in a relatively short amount of time that you will be hiring medical claims processors to handle the accounts you have. You should then hire them as employees or independent contractors of your own.

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What are the Benefits for the Doctor?

Medical billers provide a welcome outsource option. Unfortunately, although many use their computers to streamline the process, most are still using software on their own computers. This might seem like a small difference, but in fact, software-based solutions can create some major problems for you and your clients.

There are many benefits for the Doctor click here for more information 

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What is the Difference Between an Employee and an Independent Contractor?

The Independent Contractor is an individual or company you provides services to another individual or company. That is, they are 'self-employed' and are responsible for withholding and paying their own taxes, insurance, etc. A Schedule C is filed with the Internal Revenue Service showing Income and Expenses associated with this particular endeavor. Many tax deductions are available to an Independent Contractor which are not available to an Employee.

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What About Advertising?

There are many different advertising materials available to you. We have color brochures and mailing pieces, CD's explaining the processes, and online or pc based presentations. Any advertising materials you elect to use are at your expense and subject to our approval. You can use our website as a reference to your company and a source for communicating or processes and features. You will also receive an email address, for your use. 

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Are There Other Services We Can Offer?

We are in the Cash Management business and offer ways of improving our customers cash flow. Programs like the Patient Payment Plan, Well Care, and Pre Authorized Checking are some of the other services available to you. Visit the Products Page for more detailed information on these products.

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How Do I Charge for My Services?

A. There are two standard ways to charge for your services. Depending on what type of services you are offering and what is needed within that particular office, you can charge by using a Percentage Based Pricing or a Flat Rate Per Claim.

I. Percentage Based Pricing:
Example 1- You had an appointment with a small to mid-sized doctor’s office that was antiquated in technology, and needed updating in several areas. They are not filing electronically nor are they efficient with claims follow up.
With this common situation, you can offer accounting services along with your billing services. Here you would be responsible for claims follow up, as well as posting and applying payments to each customer’s account. Because of the work involved, you would be better off by charging a percentage (standard charge is 6-9%) on all receivables. Be sure you are working closely with support so that we can help you determine a percentage that is fair to both you and your client.

Example 2- You encountered a surgeon who only generates a small amount of claims per month, but the dollar value per claim is generally over a thousand dollars.
A percentage based pricing is appropriate for this situation. Typically, 6% to 9% is a fair charge for your services. This way you are not losing money on time spent entering the appropriate information.
Many practices have computer systems, but not the manpower nor the knowledge to operate them efficiently. Each scenario is different. If you find that you will be doing more for the practice than simply sending claims and setting up accounts, a percentage based pricing is the best way to charge for your service.

II. Flat Rate Per Claim/Draft:
Example 1- An office wants to keep the claims follow up and posting and applying of payments "in house" rather than outsourcing. They have concerns about letting go of some of the control in these areas, because they have had a bad experience in the past with a different billing service.

In this scenario it would be best to charge a flat rate per claim, since all you would be doing is sending the claim. This way the doctor can feel comfortable that the accounting is still being handled by a trusted staff member, yet know the claims are being sent on time consistently.

Example 2- You sign up a doctor who is close to retirement and he is keeping his patient base small. He is only generating about 50 claims a month. The other money he receives is from private paying patients, because he doesn’t want to hassle with a large receivable when he retires.
In this scenario, you will want to price your rate higher because of lower volume. The high end of pricing per claim is approximately $6.50 to $8.00. Again, be sure to discuss this with support before you commit yourself to a price.

Example 3- The doctor’s practice is large and filing 500-1000 claims a month. Many of these claims are medicare and medicaid.
In this case you may want to offer a high volume discount and charge approximately $4.75 to $6.00 per claim.
A flat rate per claim is a great way to price your services if you are running high volume and don’t offer claims follow up and accounting as part of your services. The above are suggestions only. If you still are unsure how to charge for your services, then please contact your support team member for more suggestions and guidelines.

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What About Training?

We have several online training videos to help you get started and answer questions about the actual software. There are several documents we can provide to assist you areas you may not be familiar with, such as contacting Doctors, where and how to find prospects, and the different services available to your clients.

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What Do I Get for My Investment?

Our support with any of the products and services we offer. In addition to your own email address and the use of our website we make full use of the marketing materials, online training, and counseling offered by ABS. In fact,  you will have access to any and all materials that we as a franchisee have access to. We will also provide you with mass marketing services such as mass email or faxing to help you develop your client base. You also have all of the resources of a nationwide company behind you.

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Can I Do This From Home?

Yes, to a degree. This is most certainly a 'home based business' opportunity. There are sometimes when you may want to make personal contacts with your customers. In order to process claims you will need to have a computer with a high speed Internet connection. We recommend a cable modem as opposed to DSL as the connection speeds are more consistent. You should also have a fax machine to receive documents from your customers.

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Can This Be A Part Time Position?


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How Do I Receive Information?

A. The best case scenario, primarily if the office is local, is to pick up the information in person once or twice a week. If the volume is high, you may even want to pick up the information on a daily basis. This is to facilitate good relations between you and the office staff and keep abreast of needs as they develop.

Of course if you are unable to make personal appearances due to logistical reasons, a courier service will work. Also, you can have the doctor’s office fed-ex the information to you at your expense(recover this expense in the price of your services). Other options are also available:

Via Fax: dayslips and superbills can be faxed to you from the doctor’s office on a daily business for processing to be done within 24 hours. However, if you choose to do it this way and you work a full time job, be aware that when you get home you could have a piled up mess on the floor to sort through!

Via Mail: the provider can mail information as often as necessary.
You might want to provide pre-stamped, pre-addressed priority mail envelopes.

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Do I Have to Go To School?

Absolutely not. You don’t need to be a medical coding specialist in order to file claims electronically.

There are over 1,500 independent contractors, from every walk of life, most of whom had no previous medical training or background. The online system itself takes care of all the proper coding. You simply input the data provided on the patients’ information sheets filled out at the doctor’s office and the “superbills” the doctor fills out when seeing patients.

Our complete Self-Paced Home Study Course and an optional Live Training class will teach you everything you need to know to start filing electronic claims for medical providers.

Some contractors, once they got their first few clients, decided to get further training, but this was just something they did to further their education in this exciting field. It’s not needed in order to make money doing medical billing.

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